Ardha Uttanasana Benefits

Ardha Uttanasana – The Best Yoga for Menopause 

The Ardha Uttanasana works miraculously against many health issues. It is very effective for back pain and hip muscles tightening. The yoga pose is very simple and effective for menstruation cramps and for relieving the menopausal effects. 

The Ardha Uttanasana is the way of keeping your body in a certain alignment. This angle of the body supports the digestion process. The article sheds light on the benefits of Ardha Uttanasana that probably you might not have known. 

Ardha Uttanasana Procedure – Step by Step Guide

First things first. Ardha Uttanasana is the easy yoga asana, but if you don’t do it right, you are not going to benefit from it. So here is the step by step procedure of Ardha Uttanasana or Standing Half Forward Bend:

Step 1:

Stand straight with the back erect.

Step 2:

Bend forward to make an angle of 90 degrees. 

Step 3:

Your back should be parallel to the floor. 

Step 4:

Look forward and keep your hands stretched forward.

Step 5:

Hold on to the position for 30 seconds to 1 minute. 

Optimization of the Ardha Uttnasana:

Forward bend to touch the floor with hands

If you are a beginner, you don’t need to touch the floor with your hands right from day 1. There are types of Ardha Uttanasana yoga. 

Type 1: Touch both the hands to your feet

In Ardha Uttanasana, you are stretching up your spine. If you are keeping your hands straight, your spine will stay straight and get stretched.

However, when you touch the feet with your hands while keeping your back and legs straight, you are stretching the pelvic muscles too. You will feel relaxed after performing this yoga asana for just a minute. 

Type 2: Touch both the hands to the ground apart from feet. 

In this type of yoga pose, your hands are touching the ground but are apart from your feet. The upper part of the back is stretched. This yoga pose is great for back pain relief

Ardha Uttanasana Benefits

Helps relieve Backpain

This yoga pose is excellent for back pain complaints. The spine is well stretched and you will feel relaxed just after practicing this yoga asana even once. 

Relaxing muscles 

This yoga asana helps you relax all the body muscles. Your back muscles, your leg muscles, your pelvic muscles, all are stretched and relaxed. 

Stretching spine

Your spine gets stretched which boosts many healthy elements, the body is freshened up. Your mood gets elevated. You feel good because your spine is stretched in the right way. 

Menopausal Problems are Pacified 

The menopause symptoms are pacified with the daily practice of the half-forward bend posture. You will see the results within a month of practice.

Improves Digestion

This pose is extremely good for digestion. It resolves largely all the problems for the digestive system as it stretches the pelvic glands.

Good for Stomach Issues

If you are getting some regular stomach aches or other stomach related problems, you will notice that Ardha Uttanasana will resolve the issue effectively. 

Improves Body Posture

This Ardha Uttanasana yoga posture is excellent in toning up your body. 

Ardha Uttanasana Precaution

While doing Ardha Uttanasana yoga, you need to keep your spine and legs straight. The angle of the position plays a vital role in this posture. 

If you are not performing the yoga asana in the right manner, you might get adversely affected. For instance, here you might get a cramp if you don’t stand ideally. The best time to perform this yoga is on empty stomach. 

Bottom Line

Ardha Uttanasana is the best yoga pose to relieve back pain and to support digestion. The least known benefit of this yoga asana is for relieving menopausal issues and menstrual cramps. Within a month’s practice, you yourself will see the effect on your health. Do practice this yoga and let us know in the comments below if it has helped you over a period of time. 

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