Best free yoga app for beginner

Best Free Yoga Apps For Beginners in 2021

There are plenty of free yoga apps in 2021 if you search. Yoga adds years to your life, and life to your years. Yoga is becoming popular all over the world. It interests pose and breathing techniques to cultivate physical and mental well being. Yoga has proven many benefits from reducing body mass and risk of heart disease to relieving stress and improving overall well-being. Yoga is great for people of all ages.

10 Best Free Yoga Apps For Beginners For You


Learn the correct way to do hundreds of Yoga poses with, which gives you high definition videos demonstrating posture breathing exercises. The search features allow you to find poses on the type level and other factors.  It’s quite difficult to follow the same, but after practicing you will match your steps with them. 

  • Yoga studio.

A perfect app to build your fitness and intensify health. Brink loss anywhere in practice anywhere at your place with soft and simple ways.

“You cannot always control what goes on out outside, but you can always control what goes on inside”

With this Yoga application, you can easily understand and implement every Yoga step in a smooth and easy way. I experienced this application personally and concluded over, there is no need to invest, rather waste money on outdoor activities like a gym or other yoga classes. 

It’s a fantastic opportunity to learn online and be a part of the self trainer, you just need to concentrate on what you see ahead and act uniformly. 

  • Daily Yoga

daily yoga
daily yoga

This application allows you to choose more than 80 Yoga programs of varying lengths, purposes, and intensities. Those blocks let you learn about popular combinations such as Sun Salutations

It encourages you to be a part of your everyday routine, it will show you more than 500 asanas in more than 200 Yoga Pilates and meditation classes. The time you get to feel relaxing and free from your work, you may try it.

  • Simply Yoga

simply yoga
simply yoga

The nature of Yoga is to shine the light of awareness into the darkest corners of the body.

Start a Yoga practice in your own space with simply Yoga. Videos will guide you through poses from yoga gurus as you complete 20, 40, or 60 minutes classes. Simply Yoga gurus have remedies over every minute and major diseases. Be a part of transforming visions and enlighten others too. Self-acceptance can be well achieved by performing Yoga daily.

  • Pocket Yoga

Pocket yoga boosts audio and visual instructions to help you learn and optimize. Integrate your music as well. And the best part is, this app can track your practices and how many calories you have burned, making it easy to document your process as a yogi.

Yoga, a process of quieting the mind. In a few situations, your mind becomes unstable, confused, and empty too. It’s Yoga that can stabilize your mind in better ways.  Practice it day-to-day and feel the magic around you and within you. 

  • Yoga Down Dog 

Yoga, the journey of the self through the self to self. 

This application with advanced features will boost your thoughts and will enhance your to perform yoga.  A very straightforward application to handle and easy instructions to follow. Not just about yoga but the team Yoga Down Dog will share a calendar about your food habits as well as working habits.

Here we can adjust the flow of the video, if you need slow or fast, as per your comfortable tone. 

  • Glo

I used the Glo Yoga application and completed a 30 days challenge. I loved it! so thought to express my joyful 30 days journey with you.

Initially, I wasn’t much enthusiastic about the challenge but as I started up I got enrolled within. And the amazing part was I used to eagerly wait for the upcoming challenges. This application transformed my lifestyle and energized my soul with pure energy.

Easy to use and simple to learn about. I hope you find it useful as well as productive.

  • Yoga

Are you in search of weight loss? If yes, this is the right place to join in. When it comes to working out for weight loss, most of the time we give up before starting it. 

We approach many negative vibes before starting but trust me after you get connected with the Yoga application you will be charged with positive vibes and this energy will stay for a long time within.  Stay connected and invite your colleagues here. 

  • Grokker


This is one of the finest applications to be used. Collection of more than one thousand videos of Yoga and meditation. It not only boosts Yoga but nourishes you with healthy diet tips. 

The 1 program wherein your body will be stretched out to build up muscle, lose weight, burn fats, almost the workouts here are of 15 min which needs to be scheduled for a month. Invest time to make your soul happy, healthy, and well-off.

  • 5-minute Yoga

In this era of busy birds, we normally don’t get time to nourish and enrich our body. Just getting a free hour out of our busy schedule will surely intensify our life span.

By performing yoga regularly, the body is always capable of fighting against viruses, epidemics. The body is furnished with large flexibility, wherein our body can easily fit for almost all the yogas.  

You just need to invest your few minutes and by using these apps you are not just investing your time, but it acts as a life investment.

Final Word

Yoga is the dance of every within the music of every breath that creates inner serenity and hormones.

Here we listed the 10 best free yoga apps in 2021, easy to operate and beneficial to undertake. Experience it at your level, share your views below in the comments. Stay connected, enhance connectivity and share it within your circle.  Fall in love with self-esteem, by taking care of yourself, mind, body, and spirit.  

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