Yoga Poses For Pregnancy

3 Best Yoga Poses For Pregnancy [Safest and Simple]

What are the best yoga poses for pregnancy? During pregnancy, you need to perform even the routine tasks more delicately. The same goes for yoga and yoga postures. Yogas are indeed necessary while you are pregnant. In fact, yoga helps you ease your complications. 

Here are a few yoga poses that are best and safe to perform during pregnancy. 

Yoga Poses For Pregnant Women

When you search for – Yoga poses for pregnant women, you will find a list of them. But here personalization is of utmost importance. You need to know what’s your body type and what’s your health status. 

Considering your health status, you also need to know about yoga poses that you should avoid when pregnant. 

Here we are discussing the yoga poses for pregnancy that is safest for almost every lady, no matter what her personal health condition is:

Safe Yoga Poses For Pregnancy – First Trimester

During the first trimester, you actually need to relax as much as you can. If you are planning to start practicing yogas after you got to know about pregnancy, then start with the simpler ones. And start your yogas after consulting your physiotherapist. 

If you are a yoga practitioner earlier to becoming pregnant, you can continue the lighter, minor and delicate forms of yoga asanas. However, if you are just beginning to practice yogas newly, do practice the safest ones. 

Dhyana Asana

Dhyana asana is simply sitting with your spine erect. And practicing a simple hand mudra. This is the safest form of yoga to stay happy and stress-free. 

During your trimester and rather throughout your pregnancy, you can practice this one yoga pose. It is a simple yet very effective yoga pose if you practice it consciously for 15 to 45 minutes a day. 


In the first trimester, it is recommended to keep normal movements like walking to be continued. You can walk according to your pace. Sit and relax whenever required. But do walk in the fresh air for a while. 

Do not make yourself uncomfortable. Just make yourself relaxed while walking. 

Yoga Poses For Pregnancy Second Trimester

In your second trimester, you will be feeling your child’s weight a bit. So keeping that in mind, perform the yoga asanas. 

Do not follow any generalized tips and yoga asanas. Go to your doctor, or video call them and show them what exactly you are doing. Any yoga pose, if done wrongly, can severely harm you at times. And this is the time when you cannot risk your health. 

Puppy Pose

Try stretching your body. During the second trimester, many of your activities are restricted naturally. So this pose will actually help you stretch properly without getting stressed. 

You need to take support of a wall. This pose will help you relax. And is safe to try at home. Just the thing is, do not bear any uncomfortable stretch or pain. Stop whenever you feel.

Yoga Poses For Pregnancy Third Trimester

During the third trimester, do not do anything without your healthcare consultation. Here is the safest yoga pose to try.

Standing Lateral Stretch

This pose is extremely simple. Just stand straight. Stretch your hands up and rock sideways. 

With this simple position, you will feel relaxed and better. There is nothing risky to try this pose. Apart from this one pose, there are several other yoga poses recommended to do when you in the third trimester. But, we are recommending the safest ones here. 

Bottom Line

We actually can enlist 10 more best yoga poses for pregnancy, here. But, blindly following the yoga poses without actually knowing your personal health is not a better option. Hence, we have enlisted only the 3 safest yoga asanas that you can practice. 

No matter what your health status is, you can still practice these yoga poses. Do let us know if you know of any other safe yoga poses to do during pregnancy. 

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