chair yoga benefits

5 Amazing and Immediate Chair Yoga BenefitsChair Yoga Benefits

Best 5 Chair Yoga Benefits 

There is no doubt that chair yoga is useful for us but we should also know the chair yoga benefits. So if you have started doing chair yoga then here are some benefits that you will notice within you.

Improved Strength

Chair yoga makes you move various muscles of your body and sometimes you have to hold it for some time. This will naturally keep your muscles under pressure. this is how the strength of those muscles starts increasing. 

If your strength is improved you will start to feel more energetic and feel less fatigue. You will notice that your body can withstand more activities throughout the day.

Improved Flexibility

Performing yoga practices is like oiling your machine, we all know that oiling can improve the performance of the machine and prevent its wear and tear. In the same way, if you do Chair yoga your body will become more flexible. You will also notice that the movements of your body are being done more effortlessly once you start doing yoga.

Stress Reduction

Yoga is not only about twisting and turning your body. Yoga has a significant role in your mental and spiritual well-being. If you simply pay attention to your breath you will be more aware naturally. This will help you to be more involved in whatever thing you are doing. This stage is also called ‘flow’ that will give you a sense of happiness while doing anything.

Mental Calmness

Sitting and being aware of the natural moment of breath will produce certain waves in your brain that will make you calm and stress-free. It is often observed that before going to sleep your brain will naturally calm your body and mind. With few surveys, it was observed that doing yoga produces the same effect and hence you will stay calmer and composed than others.

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Overall Wellbeing 

Chair yoga has lots of advantages and if you kept on doing it on regular basis you will notice that. It is up to you how much you can be respective and consistent with your yoga practices. Their lots of poses and each one of them is having an impact on a particular segment. The key is to know the right process and do it repeatedly.

Faq About Chair Yoga:

Chair Yoga Benefits If You Do it During the Office Break?

The spine is considered one of the important aspects of human evolution. While you are sitting and working on a laptop or a PC, you tend to bend forward with your spine not being erect. This may also lead to various injuries and disorders, however, a few minutes of chair yoga can improve your situation drastically.

We cannot always walk or do exercise in our office, but we can surely do chair yoga as a change, this will also help you to improve blood circulation. If you get enough blood circulation in your brain veins you will feel more active and see productivity getting increased. 

How Many Calories Do You Burn Doing Chair Yoga?

Chair yoga is not of a particular kind, you can do chair yoga poses according to the desired results. But let us assume that you are doing a standard 30 minutes of chair yoga with basic poses getting done. In these 30 minutes of chair yoga practice, you can burn up to 100 to 150 calories.

If you are doing chair yoga poses for weight loss, then with a perfect diet and 30 minutes of chair yoga, you will achieve the desired results. As chair yoga is simple you can stick with it for a longer duration.

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What is Ukatasan a Chair Pose Yoga? And What Are its Benefits? 

Ukatasan can be simply explained as modified squats, this pose can help you in multiple ways and that is why it is considered as of the important poses in chair yoga. If you do Ukatasan then you will achieve the following benefits

  • Helps in weight loss
  • Improves flexibility
  • Strengthens the lower body, arms, and shoulders
  • Improve cardiovascular strength.

Final Words

We hope that you have understood the chair yoga benefits and you start practicing yoga on daily basis. If you are doing yoga daily then let us know your experience in the comments.

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