Chair Yoga Poses

For Whom is Chair Yoga Pose Suitable

Chair yoga is an effective practice of chair yoga poses. Chair yoga will be as effective as any other form of yoga, even if you do a 30-minute chair yoga daily you can see beautiful changes in your life. Chair yoga is a simpler form to support your poses and provide stability. The advantage of chair yoga for seniors is tremendous and if you are entering the world of yoga then chair yoga for beginners can be your entry to this dimension of spirituality as well. 

Yoga is a tool that tries to make a union with everything around and within you. The goal of yoga itself is to be one with the universe. So it is quite clear that everyone should practice yoga. Yoga is not only limited to stretching and twisting of your body it is way deeper than that. If yoga is for everyone then how can one with physical limitations or weakness perform yoga. For those kinds of people, there is chair yoga.

What is Chair Yoga Poses Good For?

Chair yoga is basically good for those people who want to experience yoga but have physical limitations, sometimes a person may be suffering from an injury, or maybe due to age factors standing and carrying out physical activities may be difficult. Even if you are working in the office and you want to stretch after a stagnant work session, chair yoga poses will definitely help you. 

If you want to learn chair yoga then classes of chair yoga are conducted every now and then. You can also learn chair yoga free of cost by enrolling in some online courses or you can learn them on youtube. People who want to overcome their obesity and people suffering from neurological disease are the ones who should do chair yoga poses.

Can We Lose Weight by Doing 30-Minute Chair Yoga?

If we study weight gain, we will encounter that weight gain mostly takes place because of accumulation of the fats. Stats show that our lower belly, hips, thighs, and cheeks are those areas of the body that accumulate more fat. So there are certain chair yoga poses that will help you to stretch and burn fats of those muscles mentioned above.

There are various different poses that you can do and each one of them is having its own significance. But if you have limited time for yoga then here are 5 yoga poses that you can do daily holding each pose for 5 mins, this 30 minutes chair yoga can help you to target muscles caring fats.

  1. Seated mountain pose (5 mins)
  2. Ardhasidhiasan (5 mins)
  3. Seated warrior pose 1 and 2 (5 + 5 mins)
  4. Chair forward bend (5 mins)
  5. Seated cat-cow pose.

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How Do You Practice Chair Yoga Poses?

To practice chair yoga you don’t have to do a warm-up as you do for other exercises. However, to perform any yoga you must be empty on your stomach. Chair yoga poses are not that difficult or vigorous but make sure you don’t eat or drink anything an hour before you do chair yoga. Doing yoga on empty stomach has lots of benefits and turns out to be an effective way of doing any yoga.

If you are sitting in the same position for a longer duration, you will notice that your body will get stiff. The basic nature of human being is to keep moving whether by walking or doing any other physical activities. 

So when you do the basic moments of the chair yoga you will notice that your energy levels have gone up. If you carry out certain poses then the circulation of blood in your body improves hence you will be more productive and active.

Will Chair Yoga for Beginners Improve Flexibility and Endurance?

All the poses that you practice in any yoga are meant to fulfill a certain purpose. One of the main advantages of yoga is that it will increase your flexibility and endurance. Chair yoga for beginners will help them to increase the range of motion for muscles. But keep in mind you will not see results related to flexibility and endurance right from the first day. 

Being consistent with anything will make desired results visible for you. Flexibility and endurance are just some of the many advantages of yoga, there are various other advantages as well that you will notice with time. 

It is best if you just do yoga on daily basis despite you are getting results or not. If you do yoga by keeping results in min mind then you cannot do it with full involvement and life will be great if you start doing things with involvement. 

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Can Yoga be Practiced on an Office Chair?

You can practice chair yoga on any chair that you are comfortable with. Office chairs will also work for doing chair yoga poses. Nowadays people are using moving chairs, those chairs have wheels. For some of the chair yoga poses you will need stable support of the chair, so if your chair is not that stable you will face difficulties while doing the yoga. 

If you have no other option but to go with a moving office chair then we will suggest you skip a few of the chair yoga poses. There are a few very simple chair yoga poses that you can do even on a moving chair, however a chair with wheels is definitely not an ideal choice. Any other chair that provides you firm support is recommended.

Final words

We hope that all your doubts related to chair yoga are cleared. You can start doing chair yoga daily, if you will do 30 minutes of chair yoga daily you will surely notice some significant changes in your life. Chair yoga is a good start if you are a beginner or a senior citizen. 

If you have any other doubt apart from the part that we have covered in this article, then feel free to ask about it. If you are doing chair yoga then please let us know about your experience in the comment box.

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