How to Learn Yoga at Home

How to Learn Yoga at Home

How to learn yoga at home when you are just a beginner? Actually, Yoga is not about an exercise technique. It is about aligning your body system with the universe. Yoga makes you physically fit and mentally stable. With simply 30 days of practice, you will start seeing the difference in yourself. 

Learning yoga at home is very simple. There is not even a single person who has not done yoga. In every school, basic yoga is done and is mandatory too. So to start yoga at home, it is nothing like learning something out of blue. 

How to Learn Yoga at Home Effectively

Here are some techniques to learn yoga at home all by yourself:

How to Start Yoga at Home

To start learning yoga at home, you need proper guidance. The only thing to consider while doing yoga is to do yoga properly. It is just flexing and bending the body rightly. Hence, if you are learning yoga, do it with proper instructions. 

Watch Free YouTube training videos

The first, very obvious option is to have look at free yoga training videos. These videos could also be a beginner’s guide as they teach every step keenly. 

You will find many yoga tutorial videos on YouTube. You might also have already checked the videos even before reaching here. So the basic guideline is to follow the video steps correctly. 

The problem while following the YouTube videos is that no one is going to inspect you. And for beginners, inspection is a necessity. 

Read Yoga Blogs

For beginners, it is necessary to know the theory of yoga first. If you wish to reduce the weight or wish to manage the mental stress, the yoga asanas for both these purposes are different. 

Hence, knowing which yoga pose should you practice initially and for how much time, is essential. Especially when you are a beginner, you must understand the timings of the yoga asanas as well. Yoga is a deep study and is definitely worth studying deeply before practicing it directly. 

Yoga at Home For Beginners

How to learn yoga at home if you are a beginner? Do not depend completely on free sources. The only problem is that they won’t inspect and correct you. Refer to those sources and consider the following options:

Join online Yoga classes

If you are willing to learn yoga at home, the first option is to join or subscribe to an online yoga class or online yoga workshop. This class or workshop helps you to know if you are doing the yoga asanas right. Also, you get to practice the right poses that are personalized for yourself. 

You will also get proper training and instructions. This will, in short, be active learning. When you are just watching a yoga youtube video or reading blogs, it is simply passive learning. It will help you but as a reference or something like a prerequisite. 

Join Yoga groups

There are various Yoga groups that are open to discussion and live sessions. You grow together with like-minded people. If the people in the group have already gone through the phase you are in, their experience and guidance will be valuable to you. 

These yoga groups are everywhere, on WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, to name a few. Here you will also find a yoga music playlist to play while you are doing yoga. 

Also, you will find some yoga buddy to do yoga simultaneously. The virtual partnership is great too. Rather it is greater and more fun. 

Follow Yoga Forums

Follow yoga topics on genuine forums like Quora, Reddit, and Yoga. You will get to know more in-depth about yoga. You will also stay updated and can ask your queries over there. These forums are really helpful as they have experienced and expert people answering your queries promptly. 

Yoga Practice at Home

To learn yoga at home is actually the easiest step. The harder one to practice it at home. The home environment is made to relax and do household activities. When you decide on some activities like yoga at home, you got to be more disciplined. As probably you won’t have any partner with you. Here are some factors that you must consider while doing yoga at home:

Keep Consistency

Without consistency, you will not see the yoga results. If you are able to practice daily, at least practice thrice a week. Whenever possible, do practice at least one or two asanas. If you are running out of time, at least do some basic stretches only for 30 seconds. 

Also, it is better to practice the yoga poses for 10-15 seconds rather than skipping the whole session. You can literally do all your yoga in 2-3 minutes if reduced the time and number of cycles.  As the well-known saying goes – “Something is better than nothing”, you can reduce the timings are do something than nothing at all. 

Have a Target Set

Have your target set. If you are aiming to have a good body posture and good body tone, keep your track. Yoga is meant for the wholesome benefit, but do have a track.

The human brain works on statistics. If you don’t set a track, you won’t feel like you are going anywhere in a better place. Without this realization, it is hard to keep going every day. 

Keep Accountability 

Keep a journal and mark what you have done. Mark your progress too. If you are keeping every single detail about your body shape, body weight, and skin, you will know the difference. 

Also, write down about mental health too. Keep the track of as much minute details as you could and you yourself will be surprised to know how miraculously yoga works. 

Bottom Line

How to learn yoga at home is not the main concern. You can learn yoga very easily. How you are looking at yoga is the concern. Yoga works best if you practice best and if you give yourself into it fully. Do let us know how are you planning to ahead with yoga at home?

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