Yoga Poses For Constipation

Instant relief yoga poses for constipation

Yoga poses for constipation are useful if you are not doing enough physical movements. The reasons behind constipation vary from not eating enough fibers to not getting enough hygienic and private time and place. All you need to do is figure out what is your cause behind constipation. 

For different causes, there are different yogas. If your diet is not having enough amount of fiber and fluids, you will suffer constipation. Apart from diet, there are other reasons like traveling and staying as guests where you don’t have any biological schedule. Here are some of the reasons why you suffer constipation:

Causes of Constipation

Before deciding the yoga poses for constipation, check what’s your reason behind constipation. Here are a few most common ones.


If you are not having a full diet along with some fluid, you will be facing some constipation issues. If you know your diet and life and lifestyle are not proper, do consider including fibers in your diet. Also, a glass of water will work. Banana, after the meal also works best against constipation. 

Biological Schedule 

If you have noticed this, you will know that your bowels follow a certain time cycle. If your bowels are emptying in the morning, it is usually that you will do that daily in the morning itself. 

But if you are on some trip where you couldn’t empty your bowels, constipation could happen. If you are not able to get any private or hygienic place, you probably don’t feel like emptying your bowels. This leads to constipation. 

Hormonal Changes

During pregnancies or during menstruations too, some women face constipation issues. So, if you are noticing constipation, check on your hormonal health.

Lack of Physical Movement

If you are a potato couch, you might suffer such issues. Too little or no exercise is not what the human body is made for. It needs some physical movements even if your job is sitting in one place.

A 10-15minutes of simple and easy yoga asanas and pranayama would be more than sufficient to keep your body healthy. 1 hour of walk or jog is commended, but if you are not that active person, 10-15minutes of mild yoga is a must.

Effective Yoga for Constipation

Coming to the topic now! If you have already calculated your health status and the causes behind it, you know lack of exercise your thing. 

Instead of starting off with the rigorous exercise sessions right from tomorrow morning, consider some yoga asanas. Yoga is actually a time and cost-effective tool for a healthy body and mind. Here are some of the very effective and powerful yoga poses for constipation:

The Adamant Pose or Vajrasana

A better digestive system is the solution to more than 50% of your health problems. When it comes to constipation, the digestive system must be performing fine as the foremost step.

Vajrasana is an effective yoga poses to improve digestion. If you are suffering from any digestion relation disease, Vajrasana is the one that needs no prescription as such. 

How to do Vajrasana or the Adamant Pose?

Step 1:

Stand up straight on the mat.

Step 2:

Sit down on the knees, legs folded inside.

Step 3:

Keep your spine straight. And hands-on the lap.

Continue sitting in the position for 1 minute initially. Increase the time as you get ease with the position.

Cobra Pose

Cobra Pose is actually known for the lower back relief. However, it has the benefits of improving the digestion process as well. If you are not having any physical movements, the cobra pose is best for multi-purposes. One of them is digestion improvisation. 

How to do Cobra Pose?

Step 1:

Lie down on your stomach on the mat.

Step 2:

Raise your upper back upwards, taking the support of your hands. Look straight front and keep your chin up. Hold on to this position for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Forward bend pose

Digestion is the process that demands the right kind of lifestyle along with the right kind of food. The forward bend is just the pose to help your digestion process take place properly. But if you are not on a proper diet and enough water, you are not going to benefit only from the forward bend pose. 

How to do forward bend?

Step 1:

Sit down on the mat by spreading both your legs front.

Step 2:

Touch your feet with your hands, while touching the head to knees. Hold on to this position for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Yoga For Constipation Relief

Get instant relief from constipation pain and other side effects like gases and loss of appetite with these powerful yoga poses for constipation. 

Wind-Relieving Pose

Wind relieving pose will help you release the gas present. Usually, during constipation, you might face the issue of gasses. Wind relieving pose, as the name suggests, helps you relieve the wind from the body. You will instantly feel relieved after performing this yoga asana.

How to do wind relieving pose?

Step 1:

Lie down straight on the mat on your back. 

Step 2:

Take both your legs to your chest, by folding them in your knees. 

Step 3:

Stretch both the legs upwards keeping the leg and back straight. Take the support of a wall or something if you can’t keep the legs straight. Do not incline it towards the wall. Just keep the legs straight by taking wall support.

Step 4:

Take your legs back to the chest.

Hold on to each step for at least 30 seconds. These 4 steps are one cycle. Repeat this cycle for 10 times. 

Child’s Pose

A child’s pose is yet another yoga pose for constipation relief. This yoga is pretty simple and very effective.

How to do Child’s Pose?

Step 1:

Sit down on the mat as you sit for Vajrasana.

Step 2:

Bend forward to touch your head to the ground. Stretch your hands in front and let them touch the ground.

Hold on to this pose for 30 seconds to 1 minute. 

Video For Constipation Relief:

Bottom Line

Constipation is not the disease. It is just a consequence of some diet and lifestyle-related causes. Once you figure out your cause, you will certainly find the relief within 2-3 days. 

Do consult your physician before performing any kind of yoga. Also, if you are a beginner, do take consultation from the yoga trainer. 

Do these above-mentioned yoga poses and let us know if they helped you. Also, let us know what all things you did to cure constipation and what best worked for you. 

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