Malasana or Garland Pose for Proper Digestion

Malasana is the best yoga posture for proper digestion functionality. The Yoga asana will help your digestion process to happen in the right manner, naturally. The article discusses everything you need to know about Malasana. Right from its origin to how to do, and how not to do. 

While yoga is the best natural and effective remedy for almost all the physical and mental illnesses that a human can encounter, it must be done right. Doing yoga in the right manner matters a lot. Here’s everything you need to know about Malasa:

Malasana Pose(Garland Pose) Procedure

Malasana is the simplest yoga pose. You just need to sit in a squat position and bend forward. 

Step 1:

Stand up straight on a mat. Sit down on 2 legs as you do squats. 

Step 2:

Lean forward, keeping both your hands straight, and touch the ground.

Step 3:

Hold on to this position for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Perform this daily to have a healthy digestion process. 

Malasana Yoga Benefits

Every yoga asana pose, helps you maintain your physical and mental health at its best. The performance of the human body depends on how well it is extended and relaxed.

All the glands, all the muscles, and all the bones need a healthy’ stretch and relax’ session. Yoga is all about the same. 

Malasana is a good exercise for your pelvic region. The lowermost spines are also stretched and lower back pain issues are resolved.


The pose is very effective for the digestion process. You will see the changes for yourself. The pose will help you boost your digestion process. This yoga pose serves its purpose at the best. Many physiotherapists do suggest this pose for improving the digestion process.

Helps in Weight loss

Malasana pose helps in the weight loss process. This pose effectively reduces the cats on the waist, stomach, and thighs. The more you stretch your muscles, the more they will resist the fat storage. Yoga is recommended for many diabetes patients for reducing fats. 

Pelvic Muscles are Strengthened

Pelvic glands and muscles are strengthened with this yoga pose. Malasana helps to strengthen the hips too. If you are looking for improving pelvic muscle strength, this is the effective one. 

Stomach Related Issues are Pacified

If you get issues related to the stomach like stomach ache, gas issues, and cramps, this yoga will help it relieve.  You will also get the stomach back into shape. Yoga is very effective to resolve stomach related issues. 

Good for Lower Back Pain

As your lower spine is stretched, it helps in curing the lower back pain.

Recommended for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women have suggested this yoga for the betterment of reproductive organs. You will find yoga to be very helpful in strengthening the lower abdomen. 

Good Menstruation-Related Issues

If you are facing stomach cramps during menstruation, this is the right exercise for you.  You can even do this yoga when you are on your menses. This will immediately relieve the pain to some extent. 

Malasana Pose Precautions 

Do take the advice of your physician before performing this or any yoga asana. If you are doing this yoga pose for the first time, do perform it under the expert’s supervision. For the persons, you have undergone surgery, it’s better to take the respective doctor’s advice.

Bottom Line

Malasana is super easy if you are a fit individual. If you are a pregnant or a senior citizen, you must strictly ask your physician before doing this stunt. Do practice is yoga for a month, and let us know your experience in the comments below. Keep us bookmarked till then. 

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