Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga: The Quality Yoga That Your Body Demands

Restorative Yoga is the quality yoga that you will need to remain fit. We all have always been in the debate of quantity vs quality. Most of the time we prefer quality. Quality in work, quality in diet, quality in lifestyle, and quality in sleep. In fact, it is a psychological study that has proved that Quality of sleep helps us to improve in other aspects of life.

How many times have we heard that we need 6 to 8 hours of sleep to complete our daily quota of sleep? But that is almost 1/3rd part of the day. We are already occupied in various other aspects and to invest 8 hours in sleeping and still feel lazy and inactive would lead us nowhere in our life.

To be honest it is never 8 hours of sleep that is essential it is 8 hours of rest. If you improved the quality of sleep you can feel active and energetic throughout the day, no matter how much physical or mental work you carry out.  

Restorative Yoga is the kind of Yoga that will help you to get better restfulness and you can get more productive hours in a day. So let us find out some interesting things that you must know about Restorative Yoga.

Why Should I Go For Restorative Yoga

Most part of the day we are grasping many things not only with our conscious mind but also with our subconscious mind. That is why most of the time in our day we are the sympathetic side of the nervous system. 

So will restorative yoga get me big muscles? No. Will I gain flexibility and endurance? No. Then why should I do Restorative Yoga?

While you do restorative yoga you are on the parasympathetic side of your nervous system. And this will help you to gain strength in your immune system, and also you can feel more alive throughout the day. It will improve the quality of your sleep and make you peaceful. This will help you to reduce the rates of cancer and also reduce the chances of autoimmune disorders.

The meaning of restorative yoga lies in its name itself. Restorative yoga helps to restore the energy that you have consumed throughout the day or during power yoga and exercise.

To gain your mental peace and improve the level of awareness restoration yoga is one of the finest techniques. So let us find out what are different advantages, effects, and restorative yoga poses, also you can find out how can you get started with restoration yoga.

Which are Different Restorative Yoga Poses and Sequences?

Restorative yoga is very simple. You don’t have to carry various physical activities or do some hard sessions. All you need is a mat, pillow, and your time and you are ready to begin.

Here are some restorative yoga poses that will help you to gain maximum benefits from it.

The Child Pose:

child pose
child pose

Sit on your folded legs with the weight of the body on toes it is called as shavasan. Now slowly bend forward with your hands stretched out and place your forehead in the ground, you can also use a pillow for your head, try to hold this position for a few minutes.

The Groin and the Backstretch:

join your both the heels and toes and stretch your groin, now slowly move backward and place your back on a pillow. Hold this pose for a few mins. This will help you to get relaxed back and shoulders. 

Pigeon Pose:

For this pose, you have to fold your knees and bring it near your stomach while laying down, automatically all your body weight is now on your hands, now you can relax your hands and bow down your chin on the mat. This pose is really helpful for glutes stretch and is really effective.

The above was restorative yoga sequences or they are also known as yin restorative yoga poses. 

The second type of simple restorative yoga pose is all about relaxing your body and staying relaxed for a longer time. Here all you need to do is take a mat and a few blocks or pillows and keep your legs on it. Keep the portion of calf on the pillow bend backward and lay down on your back try to keep your hands stretched outwards and focus on your breaths.

These were some of the basic poses and sequences of restorative yoga. You can try various other yin restorative poses almost at any time of the day and anywhere. 

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Benefits of Yin Yoga

Is Restorative Yoga Good for Beginners?

Restorative yoga is one of those Yoga which you can carry out at any time of the day. No matter if you are injured, sick, pregnant, or going through a hard time or going through a transformation phase. You can always do this yoga safely.

For beginners, it will be always a concern of time. They can begin with 30 mins session twice or thrice in a week until they are used to it. Once you get habitual you can gradually increase your time and get more benefits.

If you really don’t know where to start. Just while going to bed grab a pillow and place it below your calf and hold that pose for 15 mins. Just observe yourself and try to notice the pattern of your breaths. This will help you to get used to with restorative yoga. And then you can also perform it after a workout or a power yoga session. 

Final Words

Restorative yoga is one of the most easiest and effective forms of yoga. The primary goal of this yoga is to get strong immunity and improve the quality of sleep. 

All it takes is a few quiet and silent moments of your life to make your remaining life peaceful and calm. So give yourself 15 20 mins daily and get into the habit. 

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