Tadasana or Mountain Pose

Full Body Yoga Tadasana – The Mountain Pose

Tadasana, originated from a Sanskrit name, helps your body in multiple ways. Every part of your body needs some right stretches for them to function healthily. Yoga is one of the best techniques so that you can be physically active and mentally calm. Among various yoga poses, Tadasana helps you to deal with stress and tap into your breathing pattern. 

Now, how many times do we make a resolution of starting to exercise? However, each time, we fail. It is not just the lack of motivation that is making us fail. But the main reason behind failing our resolutions is that it lacks simplicity and interest. Hence Yoga. 

Yoga is very simple and interesting. It is yet very very efficient when you practice it daily. It gives you inner peace and joy. There are various yoga poses for the betterment of your physical health. Any yoga could make you physically string while retaining your mental blockages.

One of them is Tadasana. Tadasana in Hindi translates to a Palm tree, which indicates or symbolizes the strength of a palm tree. 

How To Do Tadasana Steps Correctly?

Tadasana is one of the simplest yoga postures and is very effective to align your body posture. It is divided into 5 steps. For that, if you have a yoga mat, it is well and good. But if you don’t have one, you can practice it on any rubber flooring or normal mat. 

Step 1:

Stand straight. Join your toes. If you are not comfortable joining the toes, then you can keep them apart as well.

Step 2:

Spread out your hands laterally and fully. Stretch your palms facing downwards until you reach your shoulder level.

Step 3:

Rotate your palms to make them face upwards. Now bring your hand towards your head and place your fingers on the head by interlocking them.

Step 4:

Shift your whole body weight on your toes. Take a deep breath and stretch your hands upward fully. Interlock your palms by facing them upwards. 

Step 5:

Try to hold this position for around 1 minute. Take a normal breath while holding on to this pose. Make sure there is no stretch on your neck and face. After you are done. You can come back to your normal position. 

This is one cycle. Repeat at least 5 such cycles. For one cycle stretch at least for 1 minute. This way, you can practice the full-body yoga in just 5 minutes. 

Who is Tadasana For? or Tadasana Benefits

  • If you are having an unaligned posture, you can correct it with Tadasana.
  • Tadasana helps in strengthing your thighs, knees, lower back, and abdomen. 
  • It is very useful if you want to increase your flexibility and core strength of the body. 
  • Relieves Sciatica.
  • People who are having flat feet can perform this yoga to develop the feet curves.
  • People who are walking or running maximum. 
  • Sportsperson like a football player.
  • Young children who want to increase their height.
  • People who want to increase their cardio-vascular strength. 
  • If you are having a lot of mental work.

Generally, this Yoga is very simple and useful and can be performed by anyone. But if you perform it by keeping the stomach empty for at least half an hour, it would be more beneficial. If you are suffering from any kind of disease or disorder, then you can consult your doctor. 

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When To Do Tadasana?

You can practice this Tadasa aka Mountain Yoga Pose, at any time of the day. However, it is recommended to practice it in the early morning. 

Stretching your body in the morning and evening is a good practice. Practicing the Mountain Pose on a full stomach will not give you desired results. Also, it will interfere with the digestion process. If you are practicing this pose before sleeping, it will relax you, but will not help you sleep faster. 

So, it is better to practice the Tadasa as soon as you wake up. This will stretch your body and will help the blood circulation to happen smoothly. This will be a great momentum to begin your day with. Your laziness will vanish within a seconds. 

Benefits of Mountain Pose

Tadasana is very effective for:

  • Great Yoga for heart patients. It helps to improve your cardiovascular muscles. When you lie down in the same pasture for a longer time, you feel dizziness and darkness at the moment you wake up. By performing tadasana regularly, you will certainly overcome this. 
  • Tadasana or Mountain Pose Yoga is best known for improving the posture. You can make your spine erect by practicing this yoga daily. 
  • Tadasana also improves body flexibility. You will be able to carry your body smoothly and easily. 
  • Your hip and abdomen strength and posture is improved noticeably. 
  • If you are a teenager, your height increases by practicing this Mountain Pose regularly. 
  • Mountain Pose also stretches your nervous system. And hence, your mental relaxation happens naturally. Your emotions and thoughts are filtered out with the daily practice of this yoga pose. 

Bottom Line

If you are looking to exercise keeping some purpose in your mind, then you can consider practicing the respective poses. Here is the pose that will make you stand tall and erect, by making your body fragile. Also, your mental stress is relieved as your nervous system is stretched out.

Practicing the Tadasana regularly will make your body language more effective and naturally strong. You can make your body appear more attractive and appealing.

The extra fat that your hips and abdomen gather can also be reduced by practicing the Mountain Pose. Not only your back, but your hips and abdomen pose also gets improvised. 

Anyone who can practice this yoga pose, irrespective of age, and gender. The special cases might exclude yoga practice or can consult the respective health care personnel.

Do let us know in the comments below if you have found the article helpful. Also, if you know any alternative yoga poses for increasing the height and for improving the posture, you can suggest it below. 

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