Winter Yoga for Kids

Winter Yoga for Kids That Will Get Them Out of Bed

Winter yoga sessions are hard to carry out even for adults. So when it comes to kids, you will find it harder to get them out of bed. The very first thing to consider for kids yoga session is the timing. If you are planning for morning hours, your kids will not wake up. That’s the first thing to consider.

So here are some tips that will work best for getting your kids out of bed for winter yoga. The hardest thing about yoga during winters is winter itself. 

You can try evening sessions for yoga during winters. During the evening, they will not forcefully waken up. So, you will have your kids’ comparatively more attention and more will to do yoga than the morning sessions. The article describes, how you can effectively make your kids do winter yoga and what yoga is the best for your child in winter:

Winter Yoga for Kids: Sleeping pose

Winter is directly proportional to eating and sleeping. It is the hibernation period for most human beings too. And for children, this period is total bliss under the quilt. Here are some of the sleeping yoga poses for kids:

Makaranasa for Kids

When your child wakes up, he probably wants to simply lay down lazying around. So, start with something that will just make your child get out of the bed while actually being lazying. Yoga does not have to be tough always. 

Step 1: Make your child lay on the stomach.

Step 2: Keep the back straight and both the hands should be folded above the head.

This is a very simple pose, and your child won’t feel like he is doing yoga. 

Markatasana for kids

While your child is still laying down, ask him to lay on the back and perform some easy pizzy actions. This will also make your child warm up. 

Step 1: Ask your child to lay down on the back.

Step 2: Bend their knee and ask them to twist the body without tearing off the back from the floor.

Shavasana for kids

Make your child sleep straight, by laying the backdown. Although Shavasana is just a relaxation pose, it can be optimized to warm up your children.

Make them stretch all the body parts one by one and relax them one by one. This will help your child to relax and will also help him get energetic for the yoga asana session.

Winter Yoga for Kids: With Yoga Partners

Kids will love and enjoy doing yoga when their friends or parents are included with them in the yoga. They will enjoy doing yoga and will do it without getting bored off. Here are a few yoga asanas for kids that could be practiced with partners.

Back-to-back chair pose (Utkatasana)

Your kid will definitely love doing this. It will be a fun-filled yoga session and they will be excited about it. Back to back chair pose is just standing in a chair pose by each other’s back. This way, your child will get good support. And second thing is, he will maintain that position around 30 seconds longer. 

Step 1: Make any two children stand back to back.

Step 2: Make them sit as if there is a chair. 

This pose is helpful and effective for building up muscle strength.

Seated Forward Backbend (Paschimottanasana/Matsyasana)

Forward backbend is the position that could be done with a yoga partner only. You both have to help each other achieve their best pose. One has to lean forward, and others have to lean backward. Both will help one another to lean more elastically smoother. 

Step 1: Make your children sit back to back spreading the legs forward.

Step 2: Make one child lean forward to touch the feet, and let the other one lean backward on the back of the first one. Do vice a versa alternatively. 

Revolved chair (Parivrtta Utkatasana)

This revolved chair pose is very fun when with a partner. It is very effective and yet very fun. Try out this even if you are not a kid. It is very simple also. Considering the benefits of yoga, you will find it awesome to do it daily. 

Step 1: Stand side by side facing in the opposite direction. 

Step 2: Stretch your hands and hold them tight. 

Step 3: Sit as if you sit on a chair and twist yourself taking the support of a handheld.

Winter Yoga For Kids: Pranayama

After all the warming up sessions are done. And when you finally have your kids’ attention, do ask them to breathe fresh. Breathing during winter or the right kind of pranayamas during winter will keep your child safe from minor colds and fever. 

Do practice pranayama for 10-15 minutes a day. The pranayama is best practiced in the morning, especially before the sunrise. The oxygen levels in the atmosphere are high during this time of the day. 

Fun Winter Yoga For Kids

Sun is the most needed element during the winter. So if you are in the place, where at least you get to see the sun, do consider sun salutation.

For kids, you can arrange different games or a yoga session under the sun. However, make sure that you don’t run in a cold temperature. If the outside temperature is not hot, go in the sun when the temperature is comparatively warmer outside. Make your kids dance in a sun or just ask them to eat that heat. 

Bottom Line

Winter yoga for kids is the toughest job as we adults also find it harder to maintain our resolutions of a healthy lifestyle, these days. Kids are after all kids and they will never know what time is yoga time! 

Unless you make them excited about the yoga, they will try to avoid doing yoga. We listed out some of the fun ways that will actually keep your child healthy and will excite him about yoga.

Follow these tips, and do let us know if it worked for you. Also, if you have any tricks that you apply on your kids of making them do yoga asana daily, do let us know in the comments below. 

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