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Is Yin Yoga Effective For Me?

We are living in a world where we want to get things quickly. We want to be physically strong and mentally peaceful and that too by spending a few minutes on it. Well, thanks to yoga this is very much possible. Yin yoga is among yoga which is really useful but is less known by the people.

As people get good results by performing a few steps and giving specific time of the day to yoga, Yoga has become a popular form of meditation and exercise. Various practices of yoga from ashtanga to vinyasa and now the yin yoga, yoga is gaining a lot of popularity.

The majority of people are unaware of various yoga types. So let us try and understand how Yin yoga is beneficial and know every small detail about it.

History of Yin Yoga 

Yoga has no particular origin it is more like an evolved process of achieving the different dimensions of this human body. To be specific about Yin yoga it is believed that it was created by a martial art teacher Tao Yin and so this Yoga was named after him. 

The motive of Yin Yoga is to focus and silently watch different happenings inside our body by just sitting a place for a longer duration. It is a more meditative form of Yoga. this type of yoga is also practiced a lot in India they are popularly known as hatha yoga. Hatha yoga benefits to each tissue and cell of the human body.

We can say that the roots of Yoga are from both India and China, holding a pose and giving our focus to each part of the body was common to practice in India, but also it was commonly used for martial arts and in the western part, gymnasts used this technique. In the US Yang was a common yoga practice which was similar to Yin Yoga as well. So, Yin yoga can be also said as Yoga which is evolved from various other practices. 

What are the Various Benefits of Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is targets every single cell and tissue of your body. While holding a pose you can focus on the internal dimensions of your body right from your face to toes, ligaments, joints, and cells. This yoga is more like a mediation of your body which will result in physical and mental well being. 

If we hold a pose for a few minutes it will automatically help to clear the blo0ckage and this will lead to the continuous circulation of blood in your body. Yin Yoga has all the advantages which we gain from any acupressure activities. 

Benefits from exercise, yoga, or meditation are different for different people. There are various reasons, but the main reason is our body type, we gain benefits as per as our body is both physically and mentally. But some most common advantages of Yin yoga are:-

Increase in Flexibility:-

Flexibility is a very important aspect for a sportsperson as well as for those who really on their muscle reflex for their work. A flexible body is like a well-maintained machine.

Risk of Blockage is Reduced:- 

When you hold a pose for a few minutes automatically the flow of blood is increased and therefore any kind of blood clot or risk of blockage is reduced.

Get Stronger Muscles:-

Muscles are made up of tissues, when you stretch or hold any muscle which is not used frequently it gets some tension and pressure. And when that tissue breaks and repair you get stronger muscles. So all you need to do is put your muscles under pressure for a specific time.

Gain More Focus and Awareness:-

When you meditate you automatically try to find the answer to various questions, and for that, you have to be in your best state. If you are in a state of awareness you can see life as it happens. 

Live a Peaceful Life:-

The most basic and important thins of man are food, clothing, and shelter even if we get this we are not peaceful, you can try all ways but only inner exploration will help you in gaining long-lasting peace.

Know About Various Poses in Yin Yoga

Some most common poses of Yin Yoga are butterfly pose, Cat – camel hold, Frog pose, seated forward fold, etc. The key to Yin Yoga is to try and be in the same pose for a longer duration of time. In the initial stages try to hold for 20 seconds and gradually you can push your limits.

The key aspect to keep in mind while holding a position is – you have to maintain your balance and let your body be under some pain. This pain is called good pain. It will hurt for a temporary period but will make your body strong for the future.

While holding the position slow down your breaths. You can simply remember that you have slow down your rate of exhalation. It should as slow as the twice time of your inhalation. That means, if you take 2 seconds for inhalation you should exhale for more than 4 seconds. Practicing this simple thing throughout the day will bring drastic changes in your life.         

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Is This Yoga good If I am a Beginner in Yoga?

Yes, definitely you can try Yin Yoga as it is a very simple and effective form of yoga. If you are under certain medication or treatment then you should consult your doctor.

By practicing Yin yoga you can certainly get lots of benefits. It depends on you how much far can you go in the difficulty level of Yin yoga.

Final Words

Yin Yoga is traditional and one of the, most effective forms of Yoga. Yin Yoga will keep you in good mental and physical space. This human body is like a machine and practicing Yoga is like maintaining this machine. Instead of doing a lot of research and finding the best exercises or Yoga, it is better to get started. With Yin Yoga sequences, the action is always better than motion.

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