Yoga Benefits For Kids

What are the Yoga Benefits for Kids?

Yoga benefits for kids are very different from that of adults. After the age of 13 years old, yoga is done to seek mental and physical benefits. So, considering the children under the age of 13, we also assume they are in their best state of mind and body.  In this post, we will get the Yoga benefits for kids.

There is no specific age for yoga. Yoga is not just exercising and making your body fluctuates. It is more about knowing your body thoroughly without dissecting it. Yoga for children is not a physical fitness aspect. But more of an alignment of the body. 

Yoga Benefits for Kids

Even toddlers have yogas. Yoga is a process and not just an action. When we say yoga for toddlers, we are actually talking about the process by which their body is taking shape. 

Kids are still in the process of development. Yoga for kids simply boosts and gives the proper direction to body development. 

Brings Stability

Children usually have more energy. However, they use their energy just in anything. Yoga gives it a proper direction. Yoga for children helps in keeping the body stable. Unnecessary actions that children are carrying throughout are brought down drastically with yoga.

Brings Flexibility

The younger body is the most flexible one. Toddlers are turned and twisted by messaging them with oil. It is because their bodies are such. Yoga helps kids to be flexible. Even when they grow up, their flexibility retains. Hence, yoga for kids has gained more attention from parents. 

Develops Body Posture

Yoga for children benefits them by improving their posture. Their body language gets well. They form a good body shape and build. You will notice the difference between children who were doing yoga and the rest of the others, quickly. Just by looking at the way how these children who were practicing yoga are standing, you will know the difference.

Strengthens Muscles

Children’s muscles are very delicate. The yoga poses for children do strengthen them and help them to grow up excellently.  Even when the child grows up, you will notice this yoga to have been performed so well. This helps them have their muscles intact even after 40 years of age. 

Improves Concentration

Yoga is overall development. Your child will not only be having a sound body, but he will be developing a sound mind as well. Yoga helps children to have undistracted nature. 

Easy Yoga Poses For Kids

  • Salutation Pose – Relaxes the Body Thoroughly

The salutation pose helps to relax the body completely. Especially when the body lied down in one place for long. Kids usually sleep longer than adults. Whenever they wake up, let them do some rounds of salutation. This will help relax the body entirely. 

  • Bhastrika Pranayam – Maintains Good Oxygen Levels

The oxygen level of kids is already good. However, Bhastrika pranayam helps them to feel more energetic. They themselves will feel full of life. 

  • Bhramari Pranayam – Helps to Improve the Concentration

With Bhramari Pranayama, your child will be more focused and clear. They will get lesser distracted. Moreover, the practice of Bhramari Pranayama is very easy and simple.

  • Camel – Improves the Body Posture

Camel posture is yet again a very simple yet effective pose to practice. It improves body stability, strength, and posture. 

  • Eagle – Helps to Align the Body and Boosts Body Balance

Eagle helps children to practice balance. Younger ones are mostly missing the balance in them. With eagle pose, they will be aligned with the geometry of nature. And will learn to balance and carry their body with ease.

  • Lion – Stress Reliever 

Lion pose releases the stress from your body. Usually, for better skin, this Lion pose is very much recommended. Even some women practice this pose to look younger. When children practice this pose, they will feel stress-free and energetic instantly. 

  • Triangle – Helps to have a Better Digestion

Children usually eat anything and anyhow. The triangle pose helps to have better digestion. Practicing this pose daily will help children to have their bowels emptied daily.

  • Downward Dog – Improvises the Brain Functionalities

Downward dog pose helps the blood circulate to the brain in a proper manner. And hence, the brain functions very well. Usually, children are very good listeners and learners. But the pose helps them to be good at concentrating too. 

  • Table – Gives Strength to the Bones

Children’s bones are very delicate. Hence, the table yoga pose will help them strengthen their bones. With the practice of table poses daily, children’s bones will be stronger and healthier. Also, their strength thus gained will not be limited for their certain age group. Even after they grow up, their bone strength will retain.

  • Tree – Helps the Body to Align and Boosts Concentration

Tree pose helps your kid to have their body aligned. That said, this pose also helps them to balance their body properly. Also, their concentration power is increased with the tree pose.

  • Warrior – Helps in Building Confidence

The Warrior pose itself builds confidence. Usually, children shy off in front of new situations or people. This pose will help them be more bold and fearless. The pose helps kids to open up. 

  • Forward Bending – Calms the Mind

Children’s mind is pure and usually very calm and composed nature. However, the young mind is monkey-like. It keeps on hopping from one place to another. Forward Bending helps children to keep their minds at rest and stable. 

The most concerning thing for every parent is their child’s height. When the children are above 10 years old, you want them to increase their height. Mountain Pose is very beneficial in increasing the height.


Yoga benefits for kids are plentiful and are seen even when they grow up. As a parent, you must encourage your child to practice yoga from a very early stage. Do comment below if you know of any poses that you are making your child do. Also, let us know if you will make your child practice any one the mentioned poses.

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  1. Thanks Tanmay,
    I read your article and I started Bhastrika Pranayam with my kid. It gives positive results with in 1 week. Now I am trying another Yoga poses. So keep it up.


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