yoga for back pain beginners

Yoga for Back Pain Beginners Guide

Yoga for back pain beginners poses is very simple and takes only 5 to 15 minutes of time. If practiced daily, you will see results within a week. The causes of back pains are either your improper posture or weakness. 

If you are facing the back pains regularly, it is time to exercise for relieving the back pain gradually over time. The yoga poses mentioned below are for everyone, irrespective of age. Practicing them daily will benefit you in long term, and of course in a natural manner.

Yoga Poses for Back Pain

There are various yoga poses for back pain. Depending on the intensity and part of your back pain, the poses vary. Not only poses, for weakness signifying back pains, but there are also effective mudras too. Let us first delve into the common yoga for back pain beginners guide:

Cat-Cow pose

The cat-cow is a very effective yoga for back pain for beginners. It is a very easy form of yoga pose for back pain. You can just practice it for a minute and you will feel the relaxation. Your back pain will also lighter over a period of a week. This cat-cow yoga pose is for youngsters and beginners. If you are below 30 years of age, this is definitely you must practice lowering your back pain. 

With age, the reasons for back pain varies. In women, after 30 years, it might be the hormonal imbalance that causes back pain. While in men, weight lifting or other issues may be the concern. The back pain is also a consequence of some improper movements and achievements. For that, instead of trying yoga asanas, you got to get some physiotherapy treatment. Cat cow pose won’t help in this. 

Dog Pose

Dog Pose is yet another very simple yet very effective yoga pose for relieving the back pain. This pose is for everyone. Even aging people can try this and have a healthy back and posture. 

The pose is extremely simple. If you are unable to keep your spine straight while practicing the pose, try to get some support. This pose is extremely good for back pain and back posture. If your back is paining due to unaligned sitting or posture, this pose will definitely improve. 

All you need to know is, do this on empty stomach. And do not perform it wrongly. Take some guidelines either from the trainer or online tutor. 

Diamond Pose aka Vajrasana

Diamond Pose
Diamond Pose

The Vajrasana pose is a very common yoga asana. This pose is usually popular for its digestion improvement benefits. It is also very beneficial for pelvic bones. As the Vajrayana keeps your pelvic bones fit, they ultimately ease your back pain.

You can practice this pose at any time of the day. Whenever you sit down, you can sit in Vajrayana. For better digestion, the pose recommended being practiced just after the meal. However, if your purpose of vajrasana is back pain, you can do it at any time of the day.

Yoga for Back Pain Lower

The yoga poses for the lower back are dedicated to the lower areas specifically. The poses are designed in such a way that your lower back gets stretched and twisted. With these simple stretches, your back pain gets relieved. Here are some of the tried and tested yoga for lower back pain:

Half Lord of the Fishes

This pose is extremely helpful in lowering your lower back pain. By performing the pose just for once, you start feeling relaxed. This half lord of the fishes is the most efficient pose for back relaxation.

If you have any back cramps, the muscles are relaxed thoroughly. This pose helps you to relieve the lower back pain completely, within a few days of practicing. 

Cobra Pose

Cobra pose is also an instant reliever for lower back pain. The pose makes you stretch your back and to get your back muscles and bones intact. This compression and expansion of the lower back make you feel relieved instantly. If you have a constant problem of the lower back pain, the practice of the cobra pose will make your pain noticeably less.

Locust Pose

Locust Pose helps you to lessen the intensity of your back pain. Usually, back pain is considered as the consequence of the misalignment of the body posture. The lower back hurts because of various reasons. 

If you have intense back pain, the locust pose will make you feel better. The locust pose is to be practiced by adults. Senior citizens should avoid this pose. As the wrong practice of the pose will make the pain worse. 

Note: Yoga is good for all ages people either are old or kid. Here you get to know the benefits of yoga for kids.

Yoga for Back Pain Beginners Video Guide

Yoga for Back Pain Upper

Upper back pain is most commonly the result of bad sitting posture, or being continuously at the bending position. So here are some of the yoga poses that will make your upper back pain at ease:

Child’s Pose

To relax your upper back muscles and bones, child pose is the helpful one. If you are a beginner, the child pose is the recommendable yoga pose. Start your back exercises with this pose. Holding the position just for 30 seconds will help you improve your back condition.

Puppy Pose

Puppy Pose is quite similar to the child’s pose. Here you stretch your back muscles so that they get relaxed. You feel sudden relief after holding the puppy pose for 30-45 seconds. Daily practice of the pose will help you decrease your upper back pain. 

Rabbit Pose

The more you stretch rightly, the muscles respond rightly. With the rabbit pose, your back gets the tension and expansion that fixes most of the problems.

Supin Pose

Supin pose also gives your back the right kind of stretch and expansion. This stretch and expansion help your backbones and muscles to tighten up, and then relax. This cycle is very significant in having a healthy functioning of any body part.

Bottom Line

All the above-mentioned yoga for back pain beginners guide is highly effective and is cent percent working. If you are a beginner, do practice this poses under supervision.  Also, let us know your results after practicing these yoga poses for your back pain issues. 

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