Yoga for Constipation in Pregnancy

[Tested and Working] Yoga for Constipation in Pregnancy

Yoga for constipation in pregnancy works pretty well compared to other methodologies. Indeed, the safest form of exercise during pregnancy is yoga. It is not only the safest one, but it also is beneficial for your child’s health too.

A brief about yoga in general – In the beginning, there was darkness, and darkness was covered with darkness, and then came light with a sound ohm, and ohm gave rise to words and knowledge. And this knowledge got compiled as Vedas. In the hierarchy of Vedic knowledge, there are four Vedas. And these four Vedas gave a rise to Yog.

Do Yoga for Constipation in Pregnancy Really Work?

Today in the world of modernization the atmospheric temperatures are uplifting with a lot of pollution, and these result in the body increasing the capacity of water.

Nowadays the tendency for Constipation in pregnancy is the most common factor found in almost 72% of pregnant women.

I know, having constipation is quite annoying as it may result in bleeding, developing fissures and piles. So, a pregnant woman has to deal with constipation and it’s a very troublesome issue found in almost 72% of women.

Need not worry, let me tell you Constipation in pregnant women is quite natural. As all the organs get activated and function at their optimum capacity.

As of pregnancy the women’s intestine and hormones get sluggish which results in a tendency for constipation and a tendency for acidity which is recognized to be most common.

My recommendation to all pregnant women is to observe the happened changes such as getting hard stools. For this issue, pregnant women must drink a lot of water. Also, check the requirement of water in the body you must check your urine color if it’s normal white it means the capacity of water is normal. But if the urine has an odor then a pregnant woman must drink a lot of water.

Every pregnant woman must do light yoga regularly to avoid all Constipation.

Initially, a pregnant woman must start walking for almost 10 to 15 minutes as doing Yoga or exercise keeps the things moving in the body.

The Best Yoga for Constipation in Pregnancy 


Here I have added a process in a very comfortable manner, let’s get started. Starting from a tabletop position tucking the toes and pushing the legs up into downward dog and then come gently.

Step the right foot close to the right hand and left foot close to the left hand and sinking in the hips. If you seem difficult in performing movements, you can use a block to sit over.

Start your further process with deep breathing, focus entirely on breathing. Breathing in and out in a peaceful manner gives you immense energy and calm your body in the right way 

Make sure your spine is still long, a couple of deep breaths here and the last one inhaling as deeply as you can and exhaling slowly. Come out and come back to the tabletop position, and let the hips move so that the neck can come forward.

Take an easy sit with the leg cross. If you feel differently about completing these steps, you can use a block, pillow, or blanket.

Parivritta Sukhasana

First, you need to start with interlocking your fingers, push your hands outward inhaling simultaneously. Start inhalation sideways.

If you breathe in at the right side, breath out at the leaf. Follow your rhythm. Just make sure to connect the breathing to a movement.

Try to keep your body in line when you go to the side slightly. Deep breathing every time you inhale you let the barley grow and relax everything at exhale. Follow your rhythm and continue it for a few minutes.

After you complete this slowly get relax. Do move your shoulders gently, and get to a normal position. You perceive a complete peacefulness and the mind gets a refresh. 

Supta Matsyendrasana

Getting in touch with the floor, here we go with our next pose.

 Place your feet in front of you, make sure that you get enough space backside. Holding shins you have to slowly start rolling back. Use your legs to slow down.

Allow your both knees to fall into your left side and gently twisting you can open your arms and look at your right.

Also if you want you can place your left hand on your knees to deepen the stretch and here you are also emphasizing the breath pushing the belly out every inhale relaxing deepening the stretch every exhale.

Pushing the belly out as much you can every inhale and softening the belly every exhale.

Letting your respiration give a massage. Your internal organs get rid of the tensions.

And next inhale come back gently with the knee to a center and exhaling and drop them to the right side one more time opening with the arms and cross looking towards the left and placing your right hand on your knee to go deeper if you want to, if you feel comfortable to go deep.

Inhaling in and out, relaxing, focusing on your breathing, actively pushing your belly out every time you inhale, next inhale come back to the center, hold your knees close, and start rolling your hips from side to side.

From here rolling again to one side push yourself back to the sitting position.

Viparita Karani

Get a wall for support, it’s up to you if you are comfortable with wall support you may prefer it. You can perform it without wall support too.

Find a comfortable place to lie on your one side. Raise your legs and place a block or blanket underneath your hips and extend your legs engaging the legs. Bend backside a bit and start focusing on your deep breathing 

You also can keep your hands on the belly to feel the movements during breathing. Breath list for 5 to 8 minutes. Breathe deeply as much you can push the belly as much you can. Feel relaxed from in and out. 

Bottom Line

Yoga plays a vital role in pregnancy to cure maximum issues and it’s quite a natural way to cure constipation. Yoga can coat almost everything. Start practicing Yoga for constipation in pregnancy and see the result for yourself. Do follow and add your experience in the comment section.

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