Yoga For Weight Loss For Beginners

Effective Yoga For Weight Loss For Beginners

There are a few power yoga for weight loss for beginners. By practicing this, you will be able to lose weight naturally. Too much or too little weight is always a problem. Especially for women in their 20s and 30s. Too much weight for your height and age may result in infertility. 

Many times, we just put on weight without actually realizing it. By the time we realize, we already are obese. Yoga helps in both, maintaining the weight, and reducing the fats. 

The article describes, how you can burn your fats with simple yogas. Practicing these yoga poses daily will certainly give you the desired results.

Yoga For Beginners For Weight Loss

If you have just begun your journey of weight loss, you will still see wonderful results. Simply practice the yogas that have proven to be working. And of course, the yogas, that have scientific reasoning for losing weights. Here are yoga asanas for weight loss for beginners:

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga
Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga helps you to burn your stomach fats effectively. This pose helps in muscle tensioning too. By reducing the stomach fats, you yourself start feeling a little lighter.

You will start noticing the difference just by performing the asana for once. You will feel lighter and comfortable. Just perform the yoga with utmost concentration and with perfection. 


Tadasana or Mountain Pose
Tadasana or Mountain Pose

Tadasana is actually known for improvising your pose and increasing heights in teenagers. However, it stretches your muscles and makes you reduce your weight as well. 

By practicing this yoga daily, you will feel fresh and will start seeing the improvements in your body posture. Most of the fats that you have accommodated are due to a lack of stretching. The concentration of fats makes the body seem fat and obese. With simple stretching and bending, more than 50-60% of your fats will be reduced. 

Warrior Pose

When you or others start noticing yourself as a fat person, your stomach and your thighs play vital in conveying that. Warrior pose will make you reduce your weights on the thighs. 

Warrior pose will help you make your thigh muscles tighter. Stretching of legs and hands muscles will help you burn you your fats. And ultimately will build confidence in you. Your body language also plays a significant role in your weight gain. 

There is only muscle fat that will make you seem fat. If you manage your muscle fats carefully, you will start feeling yourself in shape.

Santolanasana or Plank Pose

As you strengthen your muscles, the fat stored in it gets dissolved out. With the plank pose, your entire body is pushed to have strength. Daily practice of the plank pose will give your muscles the strength and will make them look tight. Tight muscles will make your obesity seem flattened. 

Yoga to Lose Weight in 10 Days

Losing weight in 10 days will depend largely on your lifestyle and diet. However, the yogas will help you reduce the weight significantly faster. 

Yoga poses are not only dependent on burning fats when it comes to reducing weight. Yoga for weight loss for beginners is mainly focused on your physique and the digestion system. Hence, to reduce the weight in 10 days, you need to set a perfect lifestyle, diet, and yoga. 

Also, you cannot expect the loss of 10kgs in 10 days. However, 2-3 kgs could be easily brought down on a feasible level. Here are some of the yoga practices that you must carry out while following your lifestyle in a righteous manner.


Suryanamaskars will your body be more flexible and will help you relax all your body muscles. If you have cramps or mild cramps, you will instantly feel relieved. Just 1 or 2 Surya namaskar won’t do anything. 

You will have to at least do 20-50 Surya namaskars every day. Gradually over time, you can increase the number of your Surya namaskars. Do make sure that you do every step of it very carefully and perfectly. Just to increase the count of rounds, do not do any step incorrectly.  

Stomach Yogas

All the Stomach yogas will make you lose the weight within a week. To reduce weight, you need to reduce the fat where they are stored in plenty. It is obviously stomachs, thighs, and hips. 

By just doing the yogas that give tension to your stomach, thighs and hips will make you lose your fats. Again, practicing these yoga asanas for 10-15 minutes will not work. You need to give at least 2-3 hours a day to see the desired result. 

Chakra or Wheel Pose

This yoga will be hard for beginners to get right. However, daily practice will make you better at it. You will notice how your body becomes more flexible as it loses weight. 

All your body tissues get stretched very well with the chakra yoga. Even if you could not perform yoga perfectly, wherever you could stretch up to, will work or you. 

Yoga For Weight Loss For Beginners Effective Video

The Best Yoga for Weight Loss

All the yoga poses if practiced with perfection, will give you the nicest results. You will start maintaining yourself rightly. We have, still, extracted out the best yoga for weight loss for beginners:

Boat Pose 

Boat Pose is one of the effective stomach yoga asanas. This pose also helps your waist to be in shape. It promotes weight loss and has been proven to be helpful for many. 

Your back, lower back, thighs, and legs also begin to strengthen with the boat pose. Daily practice of boat pose will result in weight loss and excellent body toning.


Stretching will help reduce your weight by compressing and expanding the body muscles. You will feel all your stableness has got the right kind of relaxation. 

Most of the time, the fatigue that you have gathered is only due to a lack of movements. Simply stretching will do wonders in reducing the weight. 


All the above-mentioned yoga for weight loss for beginners is proven to be working efficiently. All you need to do is practice them with consistency. And to practice them for long hours. Along with these yogas, do maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet to see the best results. 

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